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New York City or Los Angeles

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When I tell people that I moved from New York City to Los Angeles not too long ago, I always get the same question, "which one do you like better?"

Having lived in New York City for more than half of my life, I consider myself a New Yorker. I don't need Google Maps or MTA map to get around the city, I can navigate East Village and Lower East Side with my eyes closed, and I can easily recommend 3 restaurants, coffee shops, and ice cream shop in two block radius below 23rd Street.

Funny thing is that people seem to have their own ideas about New York City. I always scratch my head when I hear their versions because it is far from what I know about my city.

A lot of people say that New Yorkers are rude. But I never found that to be true. Sure, t
hey speak their mind and say it to your face but that's because they have no time for bs. They don't fake nice. They don't smile at people they don't know on the street. Their bluntness is actually time and energy saving kindness. FYI, Do NOT smile at people on the street of New York City. It makes you look like a creep.

New York City isn’t just Manhattan. Not all pizza in NYC is tasty. It is expensive to live there but a lot people manage to live comfortably within their means. It’s is a competitive place but that’s what makes everyone best at what they do. You can’t just live there and expect things to be handed to you. New York City provides you the opportunities to grab your own dreams.

Having all said that I realize that New Yorkers also have tons of opinions about Los Angeles. They say “Oh all the driving, soulless city, lack of diversity, yada yada yada”, and now that I’ve lived in Los Angeles for a little over a year,  I can proudly correct them that they are all wrong.

Sure having to drive everywhere in LA still sucks but having my own car definitely broaden my horizon to explore more places. I no longer have to ask a friend of friend who has Zipcar account and ask 6 more people to join me a day trip in Catskills to split the cost. People in LA are actually really nice, I can see that some may see them as “fake nice” but this is the first time in my life that my neighbors became my real friends. Calling LA lacks diversity is a pure insult because there are varieties of Asian, Latino, Black communities here. LA is spread out so you don’t see them in one concentrated area.

We all have preconceived notions and perceptions of different places. We all have our own prejudices and opinions based on what we’ve read and heard over the years. Because it’s easier to judge unknown than go find out yourself.

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