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How to Fix Broken Wooden Toys

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Toys get broken. But do to worry because many can be easily repaired.

I didn't want to use the store bought glue that has poisonous chemicals to fix my son's toys especially when he is still putting a lot of his toys in his mouth. For his safety, I was looking for something in the pantry and here is what I did.

What you need:

- 1 tablespoon of white vinegar
- 1 teaspoon of gelatin (I used Knox Original Unflavored Gelatin)

Before you start, clean and dry the surfaces to be bonded. 
Boil vinegar in a saucepan. Once it starts bubbling, turn off the heat.  Add gelatin, then stir until it's dissolved.

Apply a thin coat to each surface. Wait about a minute before mating surfaces. Let it dry before your child plays with it again.

I used this homemade gelatin glue on several toys by now and they all are holding up just fine. I completely recommend this method to fix baby toys!

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