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How I Survived My Toddler's Endless "No"

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My almost 2 year old son’s new trend is to say “no” to E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

His favorite blueberries? No. His favorite toy car? Noo. His favorite book? Nooooooo! 
All of a sudden, everything is 'no' and I find myself so confused and exhausted. So I started observing, studying and trying a few things. Here are 3 things that have worked pretty well for us...

1) Give him options
When I give him a few options to choose from, it gives him a chance to think and he feels good about making his decisions without me feeling like giving in too much. Once he makes his decision, we say "yay!" and give each other high five.

2) Redirect his attention to something else
When things don't go his way, he gets frustrated. After I explain him why he can't always get what he wants, I distract him with something else. For example, if he is asking for ice cream before dinner time, I give him fruits. If he asks for screen time, I read him a book, show him how to draw, how to play instrument, new ways to play his toy car.

3) Be creative and have fun!
I am starting to learn that sometimes he says no just to get my attention without really objecting anything at all. In that case, 
I make up a random song with "no". I use different tones of no, and make our original songs which most of the time cannot be repeated because I don't even know what I am singing. But most important thing is that he tries to copy me and sings our nonsense "no" song along with me, and we often ends in a giggling fest. It's quite fun.

4) Happiest Baby- this website and the book have helped me so much when he was just 3 day old. I haven't been back to it until recently when I needed some guidance but I'm glad I did. There are tons of useful information that not only gives me aha moment but makes me really understand child's psychology.

As much as he is learning all kinds of new things in the world, I am learning along with him and about him everyday. It's gonna be difficult, If I don't get to have fun once in a while.

A little positive attention can really go a long way, and when we both understand each other, it's pretty magical. 

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Aug 27, 2019 • Posted by Teresa

Great suggestions! They’d even work on my 4yo.

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